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HA+ | COVID-19

Taking the current situation into account, regarding the Covid-19 outbreak, and highly considering the recommendations of the authorities, HA+ARCHITECTURE+ENGINEERING decided to step in and follow all preventive measures. As a matter of fact, we’ve been remote working since last Friday, with the hope we’ll all return to our workplaces as soon as possible.

HA+ would also like to inform you that we are doing everything in our behalf to minimize all restrains that emerged from this situation.

We are available and we’ll be developing our work and honoring our commitments with the same drive and professionalism as usual. We hope everything will regain its normality and will go back to into place in a short time.

Even though in our company none of our workers have been diagnosed with Covid-19, we believe it is our main job to keep our workers, their families and our community safe.

See you all soon!

Feel free to contact us via telephone, email or social networks.