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12 August 2020

HA+ | Engineering | Supervision | Industrial Unit

HA+ is taking charge of the supervision of the construction work for an industrial unit. We embrace each task with great dedication and commitment, which allows us to continue to be part of great investment projects.   Read Article
21 April 2020


HA+ is, once more, taking part in the supervision of the construction work for a retail client. We would like to thank the vote of confidence for considering us to integrate this project of expansion and consolidation. Read Article
08 April 2020

HA+ | Ágora - Porto Municipality

HA + has signed a contract with Ágora – Cultura e Desporto do Porto, EM, regarding the execution projects for the maintenance works of the buildings under the authority of this institution, responsible for the management of the municipal facilities for cultural and sport events. Ágora - Cultura e... Read Article
HA+ Ágora Cultura e Desporto
16 March 2020

HA+ | COVID-19

Taking the current situation into account, regarding the Covid-19 outbreak, and highly considering the recommendations of the authorities, HA+ARCHITECTURE+ENGINEERING decided to step in and follow all preventive measures. As a matter of fact, we’ve been remote working since last Friday, with the hop... Read Article
20 February 2020

HA+ featured at 2019 "Quem é Quem", Architecture and Engineering yearbook

HA+ is featured at "Quem é Quem!" (Who is Who!) 2019, Architecture and Engineering yearbook by Anteprojectos magazine.    Read Article
09 October 2019

Self Protective Measures for the Municipality of Viseu

HA+ has delivered Self Protective Measures for 21 buildings belonging to the Municipality of Viseu. Among them are Viseu's Public Library, the Almeida Moreira Museum, City of Viseu Pavillion, schools and preschools. Read Article
04 February 2019

GO Porto - Municipal Management and Works Company of C.M

HA + signed this month two service contracts with GO Porto - Municipal Management and Works Company of C.M. Porto, within the scope of the Rua Direita Program ambitious program of rehabilitation of the fine network of degraded public spaces of the city. Read Article
01 May 2013

HA+ Recommended Office by Porto SRU

Since May 2013 HA+ is listed as one of the Architecture/ Planning Offices recommended by Porto Vivo, Sru - Urban Rehabilitation Society . Read Article
Ha+ Gabinete Recomendado pela Porto Vivo