An integrated vision for the creation
of a global intervention strategy.

Meeting both the expectations of the promoter and the end customer.


HA+ARCHITECTURE+ENGINEERING was certified “TOP5% BEST PORTUGUESE SME’s”, two years in a row, by SCORING.
Less of 5% of the Portuguese small and medium enterprises have proven eligible for this distinction that legitimates its accuracy and transparency of accounts.
Performance and Financial Stability superior to 80%

During the 2020 tax year, HA+ registered a Performance and Financial Solidity Index superior to 80%.
This certification obtained through a thorough investigation recognises  HA+ as a financially sustainable company.

Technical Qualification and Financial Accuracy
HA+ board members acknowledge this recognition with great pleasure. “Besides our technical qualification, this certification ensures compliance with binding financial standards, reassuring the trust placed in HA+ by our employees, partners and customers”.